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If you are hungry, Local Daakiya will bring you food.

If you are feeling tired, Local Daakiya will do your shopping for you.

Time is less and hundreds of wedding cards need to be delivered, Local Daakiya will do it for you

If you are busy, Local Daakiya will pay your bills, get your laundry/dry-cleaning done or bring you DVDs.

If you locked your car keys, Local Daakiya will bring the duplicate keys for you from home.

You name it, Local Daakiya will do it for you.

Pick up & Delivery Services (But Not Limited To)


Any document need to be picked or delivered on urgent priority, we are just one call away.


Any urgent cheque need to be picked from your clients or need to be delivered to your vendors, you don't need to spare the time from your work for the same. Local Daakiya service will do it for you.

Flower, Sweets & Gifts

Make the special occasions more special for your beloved ones through our Flower, Sweets & Gift delivery service. Get the things delivered on time and express you love for your loved ones


If you need to get the medicines picked up and delivered anywhere in Delhi-NCR, try our medicines delivery services


You want to deliver special cake to your loved ones but you are out of town or stuck in work. We will deliver it for you through our bakery delivery service.

Spare Parts

Any spare part needs to be picked from market or vendor, we are just one call away.


Want to get your lunch/dinner picked up from anywhere in Delhi-NCR, be it paranthas from the Paranthe Wali Gali or Chole Bhature from Kamla Nagar, we will bring it for you on time.


Unfortunately if you locked/lost your car keys and you want the duplicate keys to be picked from home. Local Daakiya will pick it from your home and drop it to the desired destination.


Want to deliver some parcel, but don't want to take leave from office for the same. Local Daakiya will deliver your parcel anywhere in Delhi-NCR.

Personal Assistance Services(But Not Limited To)

Invitation Cards

Thousand of invitation cards need to be delivered in limited time. Why to worry, we deliver all your invitations with always a smile on our face.

Stand in Queue

Be it a movie ticket, bus ticket, railways ticket or ticket for any events, you don't need to travel or stand in queue to purchase the same. Our well trained executives will do this for you so that you can sit and relax at home

Local grocery shopping

You can't go to the local grocery shopping because you have to take care of your baby, or you can't leave from your palace for any reasons. Not to worry, our trained grocery executives will bring the grocery for you. You just provide the list and relax at home.


Local Daakiya wedding assistance service can make your life easy in making all the wedding arrangements. Be it distributing the invitation cards, pick up the sweets, gifts packing, take the clothes to laundry, do the essential shopping and many more.

Gifts Packing

Get the gifts packed through the experts. Use Local Daakiya personal assistance services for gift packings for occasions like marriage, festivals, return gifts.

Bill Payment

Don't pay any late fee on the bills just because you cannot submit it today and it's last date today. Your Local Daakiya will submit any utility bills,insurance premiums, maintenance bill for you.


In the ever-expanding metropolis of Delhi-NCR, we all have own reasons to not want to leave our comfortable abodes: traffic, fuel crisis, time etc. Well, now you don’t have to. Use our services to pick-up and/or deliver anything* at your doorsteps.

  • April 2015

    Local Daakiya - A Beginning

    While coming back from office, while discussion thought came up in mind to come up with some kind of service through which people can outsource their pick-up and delivery related tasks. This will save a lot of their time which they can utilize with their family and other things.

  • August 2015

    A startup is Born

    We started with one room office and 2 Daakiya ready to deliver the happiness only in Rohini & near by areas!

  • October 2015

    Delhi-NCR Launch

    After looking into the overwhelming demand of the users and seeing how effective the service was in saving time & money of the users, we decided to launch the service all over the Delhi-NCR

  • August 2016

    Future Vision - North India

    In next phase, with support and best wishes of all our customers, company is planning to launch the service in North India

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How do we trust the employees of Local Daakiya

All our employees are hired after robust background checks.

Where is the service currently available?

Our services are available in Delhi-NCR.

Can only people in Delhi-NCR use Local Daakiya?

No, we have clients from all over India and abroad who use our services in Delhi-NCR

For any other details or bulk booking?

Drop us an email with complete details at and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.

How do we make the payment?

Cash on errand depending on your location (pick-up/drop-off)
Bank transfer
Prepaid monthly account

What if I cancel a task last minute after booking it?

You will have to pay a cancellation fee of Rs 100.

What are our operational hours?

Monday - Saturday (9am to 6pm).

If you want to book a task with us on Public Holidays or Sunday, please speak to our customer care.

What is the baggage allowance limit?

The allowance limit is upto 3 kgs per task and should fit in our big customized bag.

What if my parcel exceeds 3 KG limit?

Rs. 200 per every 3 KG is levied. For anything more than 10KG taxi/auto-rickshaw will be used and bill will charged.

Do you undertake cash pick up and delivery?

No we don't carry cash, electronics and jewellery

How will I get bills of travelling costs?

If private transport is used in any situation, we will be sharing a screen-shot of the taxi/auto-rickshaw meter with you.

Are there any waiting charges at the start or end point of the task?

Yes. A delay is one task causes inconvenience to all other clients who have errands to be run by the errand executive assigned to you. Our executives will wait for 15mins after which Rs 100 is charged for every 30 minutes. This is applicable at the start and end point of the task

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